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Our Mission 
Our purpose is to promote and preserve unregulated direct
farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown
or home-produced food products.

Your Food.  Your Family.
Your Choice!

Proposed amendment to Virginia Constitution:

The Proposed Constitutional Amendment would read,

"That the people shall have a right to acquire, for their own consumption, farm-produced food, directly at the farm from the farmer who produced it."

"Of course" everyone says, that is the gut reaction. Notice that nothing's stated about the farmers' right to sell it. This is on purpose. It is undoubtedly an intentional quirk of the law that it is not illegal to buy certain farm-produced food, it is only illegal for the farmer to sell it. This proposed Amendment would give the consumer what is called "standing" in Court to challenge the fact that they cannot get, for instance, raw milk from their local farmer. See, Courts aren't really interested in you if you're not illegal. 










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VICTORY!!! SB 962- killed by 8/7 vote

1/27/2018 Listen to Charlottesville food freedom advocate and citizen lobbyist Christine Solem talking about two bills in the General Assembly that aim to severely regulate and basically eliminate herd shares in Virginia

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VICFA Votes "YES" to SAYING NO to GMO's!
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