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VICFA was started by a handful of individuals in central Virginia who are deeply concerned about the over-regulation
of small farm sales direct to consumers. Consumers were, in fact, being denied their right to have fresh, wholesome foods from
farmers whom they knew and trusted. Incorporated in April of 2001 as a non-profit corporation, VICFA's mission statement
was and remains: "To promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally-grown
or home-produced food products." Our first President was Matt Cauley of Staunton, Virginia. 

Our current President is Wayne Bolton of Farmville, Virginia.
Past Presidents include Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, Richard Bean, Double H Farm, 
and Willard Lutz, Conicville Ostrich Farm.

Our Mission
is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer to consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown
or home-produced food products.

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VICFA works to keep a close eye on the Virginia General Assembly, and has been successful in amending legislation which could have hurt small producers.  We also watch the regulating agencies, and take a stand against regulations that are too stringent, such as the Virginia Scrapie Regulations for goats and sheep.  


The Family Cow

In 2005, regulations became effective that contained a definition which could be interpreted to prevent farmers from using the milk from their own cow, goat, sheep, etc.  VICFA raised enough ire to pass a bill that allowed farmers to use the milk from their own animals, thus overriding the language in the regulation.  In the Senate Ag Committee, one senator asked: "Isn't that a little like giving permission to watch the     sunrise?"  True - but the bill, unfortunately, was necessary in order to protect our rights.


The Livebird Market Bill

In 2006, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) attempted to pass a bill that would control livebird markets throughout Virginia.  Its provisions were so broad, it could have also allowed for oppressive regulations, such as a license requirement on anyone owning as simple as a few chickens, or for someone who pastured poultry.  VICFA successfully amended  this legislation in order to provide exceptions for these small poultry producers.


The Kitchen Bill

VICFA is especially proud of our work on "the kitchen bill".  In 2008, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law, exempting persons from their own home from state inspection when making candies, certain jams, jellies, and baked   goods - provided that these items were sold only at the home or at farmers' markets, and were labeled "NOT FOR RESALE - PRODUCED AND PREPARED WITHOUT STATE INSPECTION."  Prior to this bill, anyone wishing to sell these items would be required to have his or her home inspected -an oppressive and unnecessary requirement.



VICFA was one of the first groups to speak out against NAIS, the National Animal Notification System, as it would have severely hurt small farmers.  To aid in the fight against NAIS, VICFA was instrumental in establishing the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (NICFA).  Additionally, VICFA staged several lobbying events on the federal level.  NICFA has since become autonomous.


We are pleased that the USDA has technically abandoned this program, due to the extent of opposition.

Media Opportunities

VICFA has a presence throughout the state, when it comes to the opportunity of spreading our message.
From FOX News to "Meet The Farmer TV", VICFA members have been on the air whenever possible.

Currently, VICFA President, Wayne Bolton hosts a weekly radio show on Friday mornings from 7:55-8:00 am.
"The Farmers' Market Report" on WVHL radio, 92.9 FM in Farmville, Virginia, allows Bolton the opportunity to interview
individuals from all over the country, who are involved in the food movement.  

Judith McGeary, of Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, 
and Sally Fallon of Weston A Price Foundation, are just a few of the recent individuals interviewed 
on the Farmers Market Report. 

VICFA Aims to Make a Difference

   VICFA is very concerned about the control that large food corporations have over legislators.  
Recall after recall has become a standard.  Local, direct-to-consumer offers safer alternatives to food choices, 
yet the food conglomerates continually seek to pose taxing regulations on local foods.


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